Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland B.V.

Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland B.V. Delftweg 96 3043NA Rotterdam (Rotterdam - Zuid-Holland)

Kvknummer: 58339442 Vestingsnummer: 000027684385

010 7606020 secretariaat@tandheelkundegroep.nl http://tandheelkundegroep.nl/





Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland is a Netherlands-based boutique investment group active in healthcare and affiliated businesses. The group’s investment strategy has a long-term horizon and aims at creating a sustainable portfolio of diversified healthcare companies. Due to the management’s extensive experience and knowledge in dental healthcare, the first investments concentrated on a chain of clinics in this field. Hereafter, the scope of investments expanded to include healthcare centers, healthcare-related real estate and innovative ventures.

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